About Us

Research and Development

We began a 3 year study in collaboration with local and foreign companies to determine the feasibility of providing home automation in Thailand.

The establishment of Smart Home Systems

We established in 2002 as “Smart Home Systems Co., Ltd.” to introduce Security Automation Systems (i.e., security systems integrated with home automation features).

The establishment of AheadAll

In 2004, we established another company called “AheadAll Co., Ltd.” to provide design, installation and services for products such as BMS, automation , intrusion, CCTV, Audio Visual, Fire Alarms, Access Control, Switches, Sockets, Fire resistant and low smoke cable. We also provide living comfort needed in todays modern homes and businesses. The vast amount of resources available, backed by the range of skills and abilities in our technical staff, presented an overwhelming need to move away from a single product line.

Joint Venture

AheadAll became part of Univentures Public Co.,Ltd. the listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, to expand businesses and customer segments.