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AheadAll contribute Youngfun

October 17, 2022
AheadAll Company Limited contribute Youngfun solving period poverty and waste problems in Thailand. The donation will mostly take place through Youngfun's "Buy 1 Donate 1" campaign, as Youngfun wishes to inspire everyone to get involved not only in helping the society eliminate period shaming, period stigma and period poverty, but also giving every woman the opportunity to have good health and hygiene, which is considered a Basic Human Right. Ultimately, Youngfun hopes that every women will be given the freedom all human beings deserve. Ultimately, Youngfun's mission is to drive the government to change its policy surrounding menstrual health and hygiene in Thailand such that all period products become 'free' for every Thai woman. Dr.Pahfun Chittmittrapap, Managing Director donated for giving knowledge on menstruation, women reproductive system, and the usage of Youngfun Menstrual Cup to young girls and community volunteers under the project "Community Crisis Management Plan in the Southernmost Provinces of Thailand".